Stop Making These 6 Heat Pump Mistakes in Knoxville, TN

The lifespan of every heat pump lies in the care it receives after installation. Some common mistakes, such as frequently using the auto mode, delaying scheduled maintenance and switching off the system, can affect it’s performance. If you’re a resident of Knoxville, TN, here are six common mistakes you should stop making when using the heat pump.

1. Using Auto Mode Frequently

Many people imagine that the automatic mode is the most efficient position for the heat pump. However, this is a misconception because this mode makes the pump toggle between warm and cool settings based on the changing home’s temperatures. As a result, the pump uses more energy, translating to more utility bills.

It’s best to set the heat pump to “HEAT” during winter and “COOL” during spring and summer. The “Auto fan” feature is okay, too, because it works differently from the automatic mode. These settings are more efficient and reduce energy costs.

2. Ignoring Maintenance

Many people ignore routine maintenance until they realize the pump is non-functional. It’s possible to cause further problems to your system if you aren’t a trained technician. Therefore, it’s essential to consider having a professional deliver proper maintenance service for optimal efficiency and improved home comfort.

3. Closing Vents in Unoccupied Rooms

Your heat pump relies on the blower to circulate air within your home. The blower has to maintain the right balance for the system to work. However, there’s a specific amount of air pressure that the blower can handle; beyond this amount, it can no longer push air around.

When you close your home’s vents, the air pressure increases in the shut duct. The blower attempts to push more against the new air pressure, causing it to overwork. The more the blower works, the more energy it consumes.

The levers on your vents aren’t necessarily meant for you to shut the vents but rather to change the direction of the air. For instance, you can modify the focus slightly to avoid the air blowing toward you and to prevent sore throats.

4. Turning Off the Heat Pump

Your heating system is the best companion during cold weather, and you should keep it running. Many inexperienced technicians advise giving the it a rest upon attaining the required home temperature. The thermostat relies on the heating system to provide auxiliary heat, and when it’s off, the heat cannot be maintained forcing the HVAC system to work for a longer period, leading to increased energy consumption.

5. Under Utilizing the Heat Pump

The best way to get the best service from your heat pump is by utilizing it to its maximum potential. Try extending the functional area of the heat pump to an additional room or more and check its limit. Allowing it to operate at its maximum potential helps you determine its effectiveness while allowing you to enjoy the returns on the investment made.

6. Choosing High Thermostat Settings

Setting the thermostat too high during winter doesn’t help warm your home faster. The heat pump works longer to attain high temperatures as quickly as possible to meet the thermostat settings. Consequently, you will require more energy than usual and will get higher bills.

The long working cycles of the heat pump causes it to wear out faster. Sooner than later, you’ll need repairs or a replacement, both of which can be costly. It’s best to set the right temperature to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Maintaining your HVAC system helps you get excellent performance and a longer lifespan, and it greatly reduces the operation costs. If you need professional heat pump services, such as repair and maintenance, don’t hesitate to call us or make an appointment with us at Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc, and our skilled technicians will be glad to offer their expert help.

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