Most HVAC systems can only run at one speed. A new variable-speed system has multiple settings, letting it match your heating and cooling needs precisely. A variable-speed air conditioning system will provide energy savings, comfort, and improved indoor air quality for you and your family members. It can also increase the value of your Lenoir City, Tennessee, home.

Energy Savings

The fan for a variable-speed air conditioner doesn’t need to run at full speed, so it can use less electricity and lower your utility bills. Instead of turning on and off often, these systems work at a lower rate most of the time. Reduced wear and tear means that variable-speed models tend to last longer than traditional systems. They’re a bit more costly, but you’ll get your investment back through energy savings.


A variable-speed HVAC system can automatically adjust when needed to keep your home’s temperature and humidity nearly constant. Many models can make changes based on outdoor conditions as well. Since air doesn’t circulate as fast, you won’t have to worry about eye irritation, unwanted breezes, or fluctuating temperatures. Your air conditioner won’t make your home feel too cold, and it won’t make as much noise. A variable-speed AC can even help you and your family sleep better by providing improved control.

High Indoor Air Quality

With a variable-speed air conditioner, air flows through the filter almost constantly, enabling it to catch additional contaminants. A variable-speed system can reduce dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen, and many other pollutants. Better indoor air quality can prevent many health problems, including asthma and allergy symptoms, sore throats, rashes, headaches, and fatigue. Just remember to check your air filter once per month and change it at least every three months.

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