Keeping your family warm during the winter in Oak Ridge, TN, is important, so choosing between a furnace and a heat pump is a crucial decision. Both heat pumps and furnaces have their pros and cons, so here are four differences between the two systems.

1. Versatility

A heat pump can warm up and cool down your home while a furnace can only generate heat. This makes a heat pump more versatile and usable year-round while the furnace will be only useful during colder months. Heat pumps draw from the outside temperature so it may have a harder time generating heat on extra cold days compared to a furnace. Often, a heat pump has a heat strip to help product heat as needed.

2. Size

Furnaces may be fairly large machines that are installed indoors and require a fair amount of space around them due to the heat they produce. Heat pumps, on the other hand, have an outdoor unit and an indoor air handler so it takes up less space inside your home.

3. Noise

Heat pumps may be a bit noisier than furnaces due to their compressor circulating the refrigerant, which produces a sound that comes from the indoor air handler. Both systems have the potential to make irregular noises though such as screeching, clanking and banging when something is amiss.

4. Costs

When it comes to installation, heat pumps are typically less expensive to install than furnaces. Furnaces are also more expensive to operate due to the amount of energy they need to generate heat. Heat pumps use much less energy, making your monthly energy bills lower than someone using a furnace.

A furnace and a heat pump are both effective ways to keep you and your family warm during the winter months. Contact Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc. for heating services and heat pump installation services.

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