Originally published Jan. 7, 2020, updated Jan. 11, 2022

Winter is here in full force, and as you seek to keep your Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home warm this year, why not save money on your utilities? The right strategies can help decrease your energy use, which also allows you to be more eco-friendly. Learn about four important energy-saving tips for your home this winter that will reduce your carbon footprint as well as save you some money on utility bills.

Turn Down Your Thermostat for Energy-Saving

Many people balk at the idea of turning down the temperature when you’re trying to stay warm, but it’s unlikely you’ll recognize a shift of one or two degrees. By comparison, this can save you every year on your utility bills, and it uses less energy every month that you’ll see reflected on energy costs. In addition, set the temperature down by at least 10 degrees when you’re not home. There’s no reason to heat the house when you’re not in it. A smart thermostat makes energy-saving an easy thing to do. If you don’t have a smart thermostat, call us to have one installed.

Seal the Doors, Walls, and Windows in Your Home

Leaks in your home can be quite expensive, and many people don’t even realize that they’re a problem. You can pick up some caulk to seal around your windows and use heavy drapes to insulate the windows. Check your doors and anywhere that duct work and piping exit the home for drafts. Seal these up as tightly as you can with caulking or weather-stripping.

Monitor Your Home Water Heater

Just like controlling the temperature in your house can save you money, turning your water heater down to the “warm” setting, or setting the maximum temperature no higher than 120 degrees will provide all the hot water you need, while saving you money. You also don’t have to worry about scalding yourself while showering or doing the dishes.

Get Your Furnace Serviced to Improve Energy-Saving

Having your furnace serviced and maintained by a professional can increase its efficiency. A quick cleaning and tune-up of your HVAC system should be done twice a year, once in the spring and one in the fall before heating season. If you missed your fall tune-up, it’s not too late. Call Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc. to schedule furnace service, today.

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