Your HVAC system is an integral part of your home in Knoxville, TN. As such, you want to ensure you’ll be able to rely on it when the temperatures hit their extreme highs this summer. This guide highlights five ways that professional HVAC system maintenance can help you enjoy your system this summer.

1. Lower Utility Bills With HVAC System Maintenance

When your system runs, it collects airborne contaminants on the evaporator coil and circulating fan. This collection restricts airflow, causing your system to run longer. During routine maintenance, a technician cleans these areas to help keep your system running optimally.

2. Fewer Breakdowns and Repairs

When one component of your system is working inefficiently, it strains the entire system. This additional strain can make parts fail. Our technician will test your components to make sure they’re working properly.

If they find one that’s beginning to falter in its operation, you’ll have the opportunity to replace that component. This will prevent unexpected component failure and emergency air conditioner repairs.

3. Longer Service Life

As the strain increases from airflow restrictions and inadequate component performance, your entire system suffers. The average air conditioner lasts about 10 to 15 year. With the additional strain from neglect, your system may fail prematurely, leading to full system replacement.

4. HVAC System Valid Warranty

HVAC manufacturers recognize the importance of proper maintenance for optimal system performance. This is why many stipulate professional maintenance as a term of the warranty.

5. Improved Indoor Air Quality

When airborne contaminants collect throughout your system, they continue to recirculate with the air. When your technician cleans these parts, your filter life lengthens, and you’ll have less reason to worry about health issues like allergies and respiratory irritation.

Don’t wait for your HVAC system to show you there’s a problem before you give it some attention. Call today to schedule your HVAC maintenance with one of our expert technicians at Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc.

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