Indoor comfort control has come a long way from the simple dial-up thermostats of yore. Today’s elegant controls from Trane and Nexia can efficiently manage all aspects of your indoor comfort, sync with other smart products you have added and take your Oak Ridge, Tennessee, home to the zenith of modern technology.

Trane ComfortLink Thermostat

Together with the Nexia Bridge, the Trane ComfortLink thermostat makes life easier and more manageable. It monitors and optimizes indoor temperatures and humidity levels while adjusting system components for maximum energy efficiency. It tells you when to change the filter and schedule maintenance, and it informs you about problems with your equipment. The thermostat can be controlled remotely with any internet-enabled device, and because it’s fully programmable, you can instruct it to automatically adjust temperatures according to your preferences.

Nexia Bridge Home Automation System

The Bridge has an app that syncs all your smart home products. It can turn lights off and on, lock the doors when you leave, allow you to monitor security cameras remotely and make it look like you’re home when you go on vacation. The app can even alert your Trane dealer if there’s a problem with your equipment and provide your contractor with real-time information about your system.

Automatic Home Zoning

With zoning, the rooms in your home can be programmed to maintain different temperatures. Automated ductwork technology controls airflow to deliver custom temperatures, and the system has motion detectors that can adjust temperatures when someone enters or leaves a room. Because you can heat and cool only the rooms you’re using, you can save a great deal on heating and cooling costs.

With advanced controls, you can make the most of your HVAC system. Call us at (865) 238-4835 if we can answer any questions or to schedule an installation appointment.

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