Pets are a part of the family. In American homes, you can find dogs and cats in 37% of all households. While these pets offer lots of fun and companionship, they can affect your Knoxville, TN, HVAC system in a number of ways.

Pet Allergens and HVAC

There are tens of millions of people who suffer from allergies. Some people mistakenly believe that only certain breeds of long hair animals cause allergic reactions. In fact, both short hair and long-haired pets can carry pollen on their fur that can add allergens into the house.

Pet Dander

Pet dander is much like dandruff on a person. Per dander includes dry flecks of skin as well as dried saliva on the dander due to the pet licking themselves. These dander particles are lighter than most airborne allergens that can cause lung issues.

Pet’s Impact On HVAC and Air Quality

Because pets release hair and dander into the air, this can cause lower air quality in the home. Other irritants such as odors from pets’ litter boxes can also impact indoor air quality.

Because of a pet’s impact on air quality, it is important that your HVAC systems have a higher level of filtration. Also, you should change your air filters more often. With better quality air filters you can reduce common pet allergy symptoms including congestion, sneezing, and wheezing.

Keep You and Your Pet Happy At Home

Yes, it is possible to enjoy happy and healthy indoor air quality and enjoy your pets. It is important that your home’s HVAC air filters are properly maintained and your overall system is checked on a regular basis. To have your system checked for air quality, please contact Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc.

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