In Knoxville, or anywhere else, it is always much easier and cost-efficient to maintain the integrity of your HVAC system than it is to repair or replace it. Take the human body for example. It is much more beneficial to eat right and exercise than to throw caution to the wind and fight ailments and illnesses as they come. Such an approach is detrimental to your body and your finances.

The same can be in relation to the regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning systems. Regular maintenance is the only way to ensure energy efficiency, stave of the total failure of your HVAC systems, and dodge the hefty financial toll associated with such a failure.

Avoid Costly HVAC Repairs

Upon getting your first car, it is likely that you heard the wise words “It’s better to pay for an oil change than a new engine.” That phrase applies to your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems as well. Little problems that are easy to fix or ignore can become huge budget-busting repairs, or even worse, replacements. Keep this in mind, the average maintenance visit for HVAC systems is between $70 and $100, while the average replacement cost for a HVAC system, is between $6,000 and $12,000 for a 2000 sq ft home or structure. Remember, lack of maintenance is the number one cause for heating and cooling system total failures.

Maintain Your HVAC System, Maintain Energy Efficiency

Did you know that heating and cooling likely make up half of your energy spending? This is especially true during the summer and winter months as these are times of extreme temperatures. Improperly working systems tend to overwork, thus requiring more energy. That is why it is suggested that at the beginning of these seasons you have your heating or air conditioning system serviced. Skipping this easy step in HVAC maintenance could cause you to pay more money every month for less than optimal heating or cooling.

Regular maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in energy costs, HVAC repairs, and replacements. For more information about how regular maintenance of your HVAC systems can save you money, be sure to check out Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc. or call us today.

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