You want the best for your family’s comfort all year long. Living in Knoxville, TN, in the summertime, your best option might be zoned air conditioning.

What Is Zoned Air Conditioning?

A zoned HVAC system makes it possible to cool your entire home with the added element of being able to set a desired temperature for each section. For homes where temperatures always seem to be too hot in one place and too cold in another, a zoned air conditioning system can be programmed to suit everyone’s wishes.

Zoned systems have programmable dampers that open and close in each predetermined section of your home. Each section has its own thermostat that can be adjusted to the liking of the person spending time there.

Saves on Energy and Is More Cost Effective

Being energy efficient and saving money is at the top of your list when it comes to shopping for home improvements. A zoned air conditioner saves energy and thereby cuts your utility bills by only cooling the areas you want, so it is not putting out energy for spaces that are unused.

Best Scenarios for Zoned Air Conditioning

Zoned air conditioning is often used for multistory homes or homes with large square footage. The more spread out the area for cooling to cover, the better the option of zoned AC to allow for adjusting temperatures per section. Zoned HVAC systems are also a benefit if you have an attic or garage that you want cooled but not necessarily at the same temperature or same schedule as the rest of your home.

If your current HVAC system is too small to cool your entire home comfortably, a zoned AC system could be the answer. By dividing the area into sections with the potential to distribute different temps throughout, a zoned air conditioning system would solve this problem.

If you’re ready to discuss zoned air conditioning, call us at Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc. We want to help you to be cool and comfortable this summer.

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