Troubleshooting Your Ductless Mini-Split in Loudon, TN

In Loudon, TN, temperatures can climb into the 90s in the summer. While your ductless mini-split should bring you comfort, you may find your unit not working and wonder what’s wrong with it. Use this troubleshooting guide to pinpoint issues before you call a professional for repairs.

Inspect the Power Supply and Remote Battery

Sometimes, the problems lie within the most obvious source, the power supply, but it gets overlooked. Make sure the power cord is firmly pushed into the socket and no breakers have tripped.

If the cord appears frayed or broken, have it replaced for safety purposes. Change batteries in remotes that don’t work, or look for an emergency button on the fan coil if the remote still doesn’t work.

Troubleshoot the Components That Aren’t Cooling

Clogged filters and vents are a common reason why ductless mini-splits don’t cool efficiently. Check filters periodically, replace or clean them once a year, or as needed, and shine a light on vents to inspect for dirt.

Read your unit guide or cleaning instructions, and be ready to request professional cleaning for severely clogged filters or vents you can’t reach. Make certain the unit is set on “cool,” not “heat,” and try lowering the temperature on the thermostat.

Clean the Outdoor Parts

Check the outside unit for dirt and be sure to keep plants at least 3 feet away. Let frozen coils thaw by turning the unit off. It may take several hours for the coils to thaw.

Condensate drain lines remove moisture from the unit, but they can develop clogs. Try pouring vinegar down clogged drain lines to break up clogs.

These troubleshooting tips should help you narrow down possible issues. Your system needs regular maintenance even if you succeed in resolving some issues. Call Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc., to learn more about our seasonal maintenance plans to keep your system running efficiently.

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