What do SEER Ratings Mean for My Air Conditioner?

Your AC system is one of the most important investments in your Lenoir City, Tennessee, home. It’s often difficult to understand which AC system is the best investment to satisfy your needs. Fortunately, SEER ratings can help you to understand the capabilities of your AC unit.

What Are SEER Ratings?

The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) refers to how much energy is used by an AC over a period of one year.

The calculations of the SEER rating can be complicated, but it becomes easy once you understand that a higher SEER rating equals a more energy-efficient air conditioner.

Your AC may cool your home effectively, but it could be using loads of energy to keep your home at the right temperature, which is reflected in a high monthly energy bill. An efficient air conditioner unit with a good SEER rating will keep your home comfortable while using as little energy as possible.

SEER Ratings and the Environment

An AC with a high SEER rating has a less negative impact on the environment. When purchasing a new AC, it must have a rating of at least 14. However, units with a rating of higher than 16 are far more energy-efficient to run, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And, with less electricity used, fossil fuels won’t need to be burned at a high rate.

Additionally, a higher SEER rating air conditioner keeps your indoor air quality high and humidity low.

SEER Ratings and Cost

The higher the SEER rating, the higher the purchase price is for the unit. However, if you can afford to buy an AC unit with a high rating, your investment will pay off as you will save money in the long run.

Living on the edge of the Sunbelt, it is recommended that your AC SEER rating is at least 15, as the summer months require your AC to work hard. Additionally, if your AC has a high SEER rating, you may qualify for a rebate from your utility company for purchasing a high-efficiency unit.

At Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc., our experienced technicians can walk you through the numbers helping you choose the right AC for your needs, so contact us at 865-248-5001.

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