The location of a thermostat in your house is crucial if you’re planning to install one in your Oak Ridge, TN, home. If you place it in the wrong place, you’ll get inaccurate readings, and you’ll spend more on energy bills because the furnace or air conditioner will turn on when they’re not needed. Here’s why you need a good location for your thermostat.

In a Room That You Use Often

A thermostat installed in rooms that are used only occasionally may give inaccurate temperature readings. A commonly used space is the best location for the installation of it.

An inner wall is a good example because that is the most accurate recording of the air temperature in your home. At Cook’s Comfort Systems, we provide top-notch thermostat placement in the right locations to make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Away From Doors and Windows

Since doors and windows may be closed and opened throughout the day, they let in direct sunlight and air that will either heat or cool your home. Doors and windows interfere with your thermostat readings, indicating that your house is much colder or warmer than it actually is.

At Cook’s Comfort Systems, we place your thermostat away from windows and doors to ensure that it gives you accurate readings. A good location also helps reduce your utility bills.

Away From the Kitchen

Your kitchen is the warmest room in your house. If you put your thermostat close to your kitchen, you’ll usually get inaccurate temperature readings, especially on days you’re cooking a lot.

The thermostat will indicate that your house is warmer than it is, and your air conditioner will go on when you don’t need it. Our team at Cook’s Comfort Systems ensures that it is in the right place so that you don’t use more energy than you should.


The best location to place your thermostat is on an interior wall away from the kitchen and directly out of the way from doors, vents and windows. We consider your family’s comfort by ensuring we put the thermostat in the right spot. Contact Cook’s Comfort Systems, so that we can help you with heating, cooling and indoor air quality services.

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