There is no wrong time of year to invest in a tuneup for your heating and cooling systems, but there are some good reasons to make your AC maintenance appointment before the full force of summer arrives in Clinton, TN. Take advantage of a full season of better energy efficiency, improved performance and reduced chances of needing emergency air conditioning repairs.

Max Out Your AC Energy Efficiency

Start your chilled-out summer on the right foot with a preseason AC maintenance checkup. Your certified technician from Cook’s Comfort Systems conducts a thorough evaluation of the air conditioner. We remove dust from the condenser coils and tighten any loose connections that could hurt the efficiency. The technician also changes the air filter since bad airflow forces the unit to work harder and less efficiently. The U.S. Energy Department says a clean air filter can reduce energy usage by as much as 15 percent. You’ll reap that reward when your July and August power bills arrive.

Give Your AC Some TLC

When your AC is doing its job, it’s easy to forget about maintenance. A well-maintained air conditioner performs better and may last longer before it has to be replaced. Manufacturers recommend an annual checkup for best results. To help you stay on top of this important investment, Cook’s Comfort Systems now offers an affordable service agreement to help you budget for maintenance and any needed repairs.

Beat the Summer Rush

Get ahead of the game with a scheduled appointment before the first wave of heat and humidity rolls through central Tennessee. You’ll be able to take care of any identified repairs and likely avoid an inconvenient breakdown.

Learn more about the benefits of preventive AC maintenance on the Cook’s Comfort Systems website or by calling (865) 238-4835. We’re happy to answer all of your questions or set up your appointment.

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