A heat pump is the main part of your HVAC system in Knoxville, TN. It’s responsible for pumping either cool or hot air into your house. But sometimes, it fails. Here are reasons why your heat pump is cooling while in heating mode.

The Heat Pump Is Faulty

When your heating system sends cool air through the ductwork, and yet it’s in heating mode, it’s possible that it has broken down. This is a common occurrence in heat pumps, it’s important to have a professional inspect the pump when it happens because it could be due to several factors. Following a regular maintenance schedule will ensure that your heating system is always in good working condition.

There’s a Problem With the Reversing Valve or Refrigerant

When the reversing valve breaks, your pump won’t switch from heat to cool. This will require replacement or fixing immediately. A technician will also check the heating system for leaking refrigerant, as this is a common fault that may cause your it to cool inappropriately.

Your Heat Pump Is in Defrost Mode

When your heating system cools in heating mode, there’s a chance that it’s operating in defrost mode. When the heating system switches to defrost mode, it’ll automatically change to cooling mode, forcing the outdoor coil to melt ice accumulated on the coils in the condensing unit. This would cause the pump to push cold air through the vents even in heating mode.

Check the outdoor unit to determine if it’s the cause of the cold air coming inside the house. If you notice that the fan isn’t rotating, then it’s most likely in defrost mode. If this persists, consult a professional HVAC company to inspect and repair the heat pump.

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