Heat pumps can come in handy for people who like the idea of efficient heating and cooling approaches throughout the year. While these systems generally work great for homes in Oak Ridge, TN, malfunctions could lead to leaking. If you notice that your heat pump has a persistent water leak, here are a few potential causes to consider.

You Have Heat Pump Drain Difficulties

The majority of heat pumps have their own drain pans that round up standard condensation that comes during operation. When the pan gets a clog of dust or debris, it may lead to annoying overflowing. If you observe water collecting next to your system, this may be an indication that you have drain difficulties that require a professional repair.

You Have a Dirty Heat Pump Coil

If your heat pump is leaking water, then the cause may be as basic as a coil that’s due for in-depth cleaning work. Evaporator coils are in charge of doing away with air condensation and then draining it from the HVAC system. When a coil gets too dirty, it can disrupt draining actions in a big way.

You Have a Frozen Evaporator Coil

Failing to keep enough refrigerant in your system can cause the frustrating issue of a frozen evaporator coil. Insufficient refrigerant can also encourage ice to develop. When this ice melts, it can encourage water to drip out of your pump gradually.

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