The How and Why of Smart Thermostats in Loudon, TN

Smart thermostats – and smart home technology in general – have been getting a lot of attention in recent years. Many homeowners in Loudon, TN are curious about getting one, but they aren’t sure if it’s worth it. So, let’s look at what smart thermostats are, how they work and how you can benefit from using them.

Smart Thermostats Vs. Their Predecessors

The old-school analog thermostats that your grandparents had in their homes were great for their time. They allowed you to set a temperature, and they would turn the heater or AC on or off as needed to keep the temperature close to the set temperature. The old analog thermostats weren’t that accurate, but they got the job done and offered some automation.

Most models would let you simply choose a desired target temperature, and the thermostat would turn the system on and off automatically, trying to keep the temperature as consistent as possible. Then along came programmable thermostats that allowed you to create a schedule for your thermostat to follow based on when you and your family would be home. You could set separate schedules for weekdays and weekends or even for each individual day of the week.

These programmable thermostats worked great when they were set up properly. But many homeowners found them too complicated. So they offered few real benefits in terms of automation.

But now we have smart thermostats with artificial intelligence and all the bells and whistles. They connect to the internet through your home’s Wi-Fi and communicate with your smartphone – using the manufacturer’s app – to give you unprecedented control and automation abilities for your HVAC system.

Why Smart Thermostats Are Awesome

Besides the fact that they are high-tech and look nice on your wall, smart thermostats offer several other benefits. Here are some reasons why you’ll love your smart thermostat.

Save Money and Energy

One of the main reasons we convince ourselves to buy a smart thermostat is because many manufacturers claim we can reduce our energy bills and save money – anywhere from 10%-23% every month. That’s pretty good, and those savings can really add up over time.

Control HVAC Remotely Using Smartphone

Nobody likes coming home from a long day at work to a freezing cold home in the winter or a hot, sweaty, musty home in the middle of summer. You crank up your central air, but then you still have to sit there in an uncomfortable home for 10-20 minutes while the temperature changes. Even if you maintain your HVAC system, it will still take some time.

Wouldn’t it be great to whip out your smartphone and start up your central air remotely as you leave work so that the temperature is perfect by the time you arrive home? This is possible using today’s smart thermostats and smartphone apps.

Set It and Forget It With Geofencing

Geofencing is one of the best features of smart thermostats. This feature allows you to set a virtual perimeter or “fence” around your home at a radius of your choosing. Using your smartphone’s GPS capabilities via the smart thermostat app installed, your phone communicates with the thermostat to let you know when you’re inside or outside that perimeter.

So when you’re at work and outside the perimeter, your heating and cooling system automatically shuts off. When you’re heading home and cross that five-mile radius, the system automatically turns on, and when you walk through the door, your home is already pre-heated or pre-cooled to your desired temperature.

If you’re interested in learning what smart thermostats would work well in your home and how to get one installed, contact Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc. today. We’ll help you find the right models and features for your Loudon, TN home.

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