What’s New With Heat Pumps, AC Systems, and Furnaces?

When it comes to HVAC systems and their components, technology is growing by leaps and bounds. New Knoxville homes are being built with the most up-to-the-minute improvements in furnaces, heat pumps, and AC systems, and older homes are being upgraded and improved, adding to their value and comfort. The right equipment can cut down on energy usage and save money, two of the top considerations when looking to upgrade or make improvements. The most cutting-edge heat pumps of the day feature more advanced controls and settings as well as easier installation and service features. These facets appeal to the customer and the service provider alike.

Improved HVAC Systems For All Needs

Furnaces now offer a variety of systems to meet the needs of the consumer. A hybrid system utilizes two heating methods: a heat pump and a gas furnace. These systems serve to both heat and cool a home. During cold weather, the exterior unit absorbs heat, which is then used to warm the air in the house. In warmer weather, the pump ushers warm air out of the house, cooling it off inside. When temperatures dip into freezing digits for a period of time, it is more economical for the furnace to take over. With a hybrid system, you have the best of both worlds.

Air conditioning systems have also undergone some significant improvements as well. The latest AC technology includes a more ergonomic fan blade shape, quieter units, more advanced compressor technology, and improved energy-saving designs. The most notable advances include eco-friendly refrigerants, variable-speed blowers, and “smart” controls.

Improved Refrigerant is Environmentally Safe

The refrigerant used in older model AC systems is known as R-22. This formula is extremely harmful to the earth’s ozone layer. AC units now use a refrigerant called R-410A which contains significantly less chlorine than the previous formula, making it far less harmful to the ozone layer.

Variable-Speed Blowers Provide More Stable Temperatures

Variable-speed blowers provide a greater range of comfort as well as being energy efficient. In the past, heating and cooling systems generally had only two settings. Newer, more advanced models feature variable-speed blowers which automatically adjust the speed of the blower to maintain a cooler or warmer temperature. This allows for more even and efficient disbursement of heated air throughout the house via the ductwork.

Smart Systems

Updated cooling systems and heat pumps featuring smart control technology are popular with both consumers and maintenance providers alike due to the fact that the more advanced setting systems provide real-time alerts for issues requiring service. They are also able to perform some degree of diagnostic work in order to further assist in pinpointing where any problems may lie. These settings can even be changed from remote locations, so if your plans change you can simply adjust the settings to save energy while you are away.

Technology today brings constant changes, with consistent improvements being made in HVAC These improvements mean more efficient products and more money-saving advantages for you, the consumer. Each person who chooses to install or upgrade to a better system is doing the environment – and their own comfort – a huge favor. Energy-saving, eco-friendly appliances save money and benefit the Earth, and its environment.

We Can Meet All of Your Heating, and Cooling Needs

If you are in Loudon, TN or the surrounding area, and would like more information about the latest exciting innovations in HVAC products and how they can benefit you and your family, please give us a call to get started on a more energy-efficient home. Energy saved means money in your pocket and a cleaner environment for everyone.

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