Choosing the type of air conditioner for your home is a big decision. Ductless AC is ideal for Oak Ridge, TN. Here are some of the benefits of the technology.

1. More Efficient and Green

Regular HVAC systems are comparatively more inefficient than ductless ones. Ducts can have air leaks, which occurs when conditioned air leaks through holes, cracks, or seams in the ductwork.

Ductwork is also typically located in an unconditioned space and includes places like the attic, basement, or crawl space. Therefore, hot weather during the summer and cold weather during the winter influence the temperature of the ductwork. This means the HVAC system must work extra hard to warm or cool the living area.

The increased efficiency is not only good for the environment but your wallet as well. Less electricity used means a lower bill.

2. Cost of Ductwork Installation

This isn’t an issue for housing that already has ducts. But older homes and home additions might need an installation. Ductwork is a big undertaking. The ducts have to go around walls and sometimes even through them.

On the other hand, a ductless AC system is relatively small. Contractors will only have to drill one small hole through the wall of connect the inside unit to the outdoor compressor. There’s no need to reconstruct walls or repair plasterwork, and they’ll be able to complete the job in a day.

3. Improve Air Quality

Every day, pollutants are coming in from the outside. This varies from bacteria to pollen to spores. Some people are allergic to these substances and are at risk for serious health problems if air quality isn’t improved.

Many ductless systems have advanced multi-stage filtration cartridges that can remove allergens and other harmful substances from the air. Some of them even absorb odors to neutralize unpleasant smells.

Thinking about installing one? For ductless air conditioning, contact Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc. today.

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