Sometimes, the simplest answer can be the best. When allergy season is in full bloom in Oakridge, TN, and the surrounding areas, make sure you have your HVAC is in pristine condition to help prevent allergic reactions in your home.

Keep Bathroom Vent Clean

It is especially important to keep your bathroom fan vent clean if you are not able to vent it to the outside. Moisture not taken out of your home will only be rerouted internally and can cause a build-up of biologic particulates. By keeping your fan vent cleaned out on a regular basis and humidity under 50%, you will likely see a decrease in allergy symptoms.

Clean Your Stove Screen

Until you can get a professional in to do the big job of cleaning the stove vent, you can start with keeping the screen covering the vent as clean as you can. This screen collects grease that can be detrimental to breathing.

You can use environmentally safe cleaning products if that is your preference. A mask will cut down on fumes that you may breathe, but make sure to do the cleaning with as much ventilation as possible regardless of what cleaning products you use.

Clean Your Air Ducts

You can’t keep allergens totally out of your home, but you can keep them down by keeping your HVAC ducts cleaned on a regular basis. You can clean the vent grilles, but the actual duct cleaning is a job requires calling in an HVAC service company. It will be well worth it when you see allergy symptoms improve.

Before allergy season gets underway, learn more about the services at Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc. to see how we can help. We are happy to evaluate your system and suggest indoor air quality products to keep the air inside your home as clean as possible.

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