Tips for Preparing Your HVAC System for a Storm in Knoxville, TN

Besides bringing wind and rain, storms also cause power failures that interfere with the functioning of the HVAC system and other electronic devices. A damaged HVAC will cost you money, affect indoor air quality and make your Knoxville, TN home less comfortable. Read on to learn how to prepare your HVAC system for stormy weather to avoid these issues.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

You should consider scheduling regular maintenance appointments with our HVAC professionals before the storm hits. They will inspect your HVAC system and tell you if it’s functioning properly and efficiently and whether there are parts that need repair or replacements. At Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc., we offer different maintenance plans to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs.

Turn the System Off

Switching your HVAC system off entirely before the storm comes will protect it from electrical damages that lightning strikes cause. If it’s warm outside, you can pre-cool your Knoxville, TN house and then close window coverings to maintain comfortable temperatures for longer.

Install a Surge Protector

During a heavy storm, lightning can strike and damage your system by causing an uneven power supply. The system can fail immediately or after some time. However, you can protect its circuit boards from power surges by installing a surge protector in advance.

Place the System on a Raised Podium

If the HVAC is in an area that floods, it should be placed on a raised podium. Additionally, secure the unit with hurricane straps to keep it in place during the strong winds. This strategy will help you shield your system from water damage during a storm.

Preparing your HVAC system for storms prevents the long-term damages that severe storms can cause. Call us at Cook’s Comfort Systems, Inc. for quality HVAC maintenance services to prepare your system for the stormy weather.

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