Your HVAC system provides the majority of the heating and cooling for your Knoxville, Tennessee, home. However, you can supplement this easily and affordably with a simple ceiling fan. Use these tips to make sure your fan is offering the best comfort possible.

Turn it Off When You Leave

The wind chill effect that’s created by a ceiling fan can make a room feel cooler than it actually is by moving the air across your skin. This doesn’t actually change the temperature. It only changes your perception of it. Therefore, your fans are only effective in rooms that are occupied. If there’s no one around to enjoy the effect of the fan, you should turn it off to save energy.

Check the Rotation

Set your ceiling fan to rotate counterclockwise in summer so that it’s pushing cool air downwards. In winter, change the rotation setting so the blades move clockwise. This pulls cool air up and pushes the warm air at the top of the room out and down where you can enjoy it more. Using the proper direction is important, so you’re nudging your comfort the right way with your fan year-round.

Keep Your Air Clean

Make sure the air that your ceiling fan is circulating is fresh, clean, and healthy. Begin by cleaning the blades of the fan regularly. One easy way to do this is by spraying the inside of a pillowcase with dusting spray, placing it over the fan, and using it to wipe the blades as you slide the pillowcase off. Next, you should check your HVAC air filter to make sure this is clean. Change the filter any time its visibly dirty, or at least once every three months. Once a year, schedule a tune-up for your entire HVAC system to help clear dust build-up from the interior components.

If you’re overdue for maintenance, your HVAC system may not be able to keep up with your comfort needs, even with the help of your fan. Schedule your tune-up with Cook’s Comfort Systems. Call 865-248-5001 and make your appointment now.

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